Save over $2,000 in service fees when you next purchase an investment property through Ripehouse Total

Is Ripehouse total right for you? 

what is ripehouse total?

Ripehouse Total is a complete service, facilitating all of your pre and post investment property purchase requirements.
From start to finish, let Ripehouse Total take care of your building and pest inspections, conveyancing, property management, landlord insurance, depreciation scheduling...and SAVE!

Ripehouse Total Has You Covered

When you purchase an investment property, there are so many moving parts to consider and coordinate.

As the nation’s largest property buyer we have been able to test and refine our ‘little black book’ of top-notch service providers.

Not only are we able to hook you up with the best, but we have also been able to negotiate significant savings on your behalf.

Check your Eligibility

Trust That Our Providers Have Passed The Ripehouse Test

It can be difficult to know who to trust with what is likely one of your biggest investments.

If you’re buying in an unfamiliar area, you’re unlikely to have connections with reliable professionals on the ground.

Because we buy property for over 70 buyers agents nationwide, we have done the testing so now you don't have to.


Access A Full Suite Of Services And Save

Having found that perfect property, ticking all of your investment boxes, how can you streamline what comes next?

With so many services to engage at once, it can become a scheduling nightmare.

By using Ripehouse Total as the one central services conduit, we become your personal concierge, taking care of your investment from start to finish.


The Power Is In The Packaging

As an individual investor, you have minimal leverage when it comes to negotiating on price.

On the back of hundreds of transactions each month we are able to tap into economies of scale. 

By combining six services in one package we are able to save you money through increased efficiency.

The bottom line for you is that you get a great rate.

Founded in 2018
Property Management
Yabonza is a team of banking, technology and property service professionals who wanted to do property management better.

Through their innovative platform, Yabonza is able to deliver an enhanced service offering to their clients, at a reduced rate.
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Management fee Upfront fee
Usually 3.9% $550 ex
*average cost of one week’s rent
Founded in 2017
Building & pest inspections
Founded two years ago, in the Sunshine Coast, Rapid have  grown to be the largest providers of Building and Pest inspections nationwide.

With impeccable attention to detail and strong focus on excellent customer service, the inspectors at Rapid are all qualified experts.
Upfront fee
Usually $426 ex
Founded in 2011
Depreciation Schedules
MCG Quantity Surveyors are fanatics when it comes to exceeding their clients' expectations and maximising your cashflow.

They are leaders in the industry yet their prices are competitive. The best of both worlds.
Depreciation Schedule Upfront fee
Usually $650 ex
Replace Cost Cert. Upfront fee
Usually $550 ex
Founded in 2011
landlord insurance
Working with our Ripehouse Advisory underwriting partner, our insurance gives you exactly what you need as a landlord anywhere across Australia.

We know what it takes to provide the best coverage for you at the right price.
Upfront fee
Usually $1280 ex in market
Founded in 2013
Virtual Legal Conveyancing adopts state of the art technology to provide their clients with legal solutions in managing their legal transactions.

They are innovative and don’t settle for anything less than excellence in everything they do.
Upfront fee
Usually $897 ex
Usually $4373
Now $2330
you save over



Frequently Asked Questions

How do we accept payment?

Payment is made in full, in advance.

We can either invoice you or process payment over the phone when you are happy to proceed.

When is the best time to sign up for Ripehouse Total?

It is typically best to engage us before you make an offer on a target property.

This means we can have our Ripehouse Total conveyancer provide advice on the sale contract and begin providing value.

What is in it for Ripehouse?

We are about helping Australians generate wealth through property investment. We are excited to pass on the savings as negotiated using our “bulk buying power”.

To cover costs, however we charge a one off $140 administration fee.

How can we offer such a low price?

One of the main reasons that we can offer this amazing discounted package is because we save on overlap.

For example, a building and inspection gets fed into the depreciation scheduling component, the depreciation scheduling feeds into the landlord insurance administration, etc.

Because of this, we cannot break the package up for your purchase.

A second reason why we are able to offer such low prices is because of our “bulk buying power”, across a network of 70 buyers agents.

Can you use Ripehouse Total for properties already in a my portfolio?

Yes, if you already has one or more properties then you can access our discounted rates for property management (if they were to transfer across), landlord insurance (if they were to transfer) and depreciation schedules.

The admin fee is still payable.

Can we break up the package for a current purchase?

We can remove certain components in some circumstances - but this is the exception not the rule.

Once again one of the main reasons why we are able to offer such a low price is because we are the central conduit between the services providers.

Because of this, we are able to minimise the amount of back and forth with inspections, etc.

Sometimes you might be a property manager, or a conveyancer for example and they will not use another provider - this is the type of exception we would consider

What happens if you require more than one building and pest inspection?

Obviously, as buyers we do not end up purchasing every property that we inspect.

Subsequent building and pest inspections are subsidised and charged at $380ex, separately as required, payable in advance.

Are there any further charges outside of the upfront fee?

Ripehouse Total does not include disbursements (title searches, etc) - these are charged separately by the conveyancer, payable directly to Virtual Legal as required.

What happens if you do not go on to actually purchase a property?

The Ripehouse Total cost is refundable minus any costs that have been incurred.

For example, if we have already performed a building and pest inspection only, then the full Ripehouse Total amount is refunded MINUS the cost of the building and pest inspection PLUS our administration fee of $140.

One of the key reasons why we have been able to lock down such amazing prices is because we are the central conduit. This means that we do all the running around post-offer, through to settlement, for your business.

You deal with us, and we deal with the other service providers - things like booking in B&P, the back and forth with legal, pre-settlement inspections etc.

Think of us as an extension of your team, doing all the annoying finalities, and for this we pass on a small admin fee to your clients to cover our expenses here.

Feel free to use this package in your marketing, with prior approval of the campaign and copy.

As these are standard buying costs, the cost of the Total package is passed onto the client (we invoice you or the client directly).

We would suggest the appropriate time to begin the Total package is just prior to the offer stage for the client. That way the conveyancer can inspect the contract etc.

Below is a table breaking down the savings to the client - over $2000!

We have also negotiated property management down to 3.9% in our approved locations with NO letting fee!

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